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How is Medipilot different from other personal health records?

There are a number of ways in which MediPilot is different from other health records on the market:

  • MediPilot is completely private. It is not interconnected with health records at hospitals, insurers or physicians. This is a key point. There are many advantages to an interconnected system of health records, but there are also some perceived drawbacks, including a loss of privacy.

  • MediPilot is ad-free. MediPilot users will not see any ads and will not need to worry about safeguarding their personal information. MediPilot will not sell or share their information to advertisers, research organization or any other party.

  • MediPilot does not send alerts, reminders or notifications of any type. Many systems will have a computer monitor or review your health information and, based on their own computer programs, send you notifications ranging from drug/drug interactions to treatments they think you should have. This is not a criticism of systems that do. MediPilot, however, is a simple repository of health information designed solely for ease of use by the consumer, and for use only by the consumer.
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