About the Health Tactics Blog:

The Health Tactics Blog will contain announcements, instructions and helpful guidance regarding The Health Tactics Social Network. In addition, the Health Tactics Blog discusses issues important to today's changing health care industry. Many Blog posts are followed by a brief poll so readers/users can vote on the issue being discussed. After a user votes, the current results of all votes are shown as a graph. Readers can participate and vote anonymously- they do not have to register. Readers are prevented by the system from voting more than once from a particular computer.

"Rules" for using the Blog:

Recommended conduct is as follows:

The rules are simple- common courtesy applies. Readers are asked to refrain from being rude or hostile. The system is able to limit extreme profanity, and users are asked to participate and comment using the same conduct that they might use among friends. We do want a lively debate, so strong opinions are encouraged. We do believe though, that strong opinions can be expressed without hostility, rudeness or profanity.

Blog moderation.

In general, all comments will be approved, with the exception of obvious spam and openly hostile or profane comments as described above, or comments encouraging illegal activity.