Links to useful health care information

Each of the nine sections below are designed to help users become more independent:

1) Understand your personal situation

Patient access to information on themselves


Basic and in-depth health care research

2) Understand who is treating you

Information on Doctors

Information on Hospitals

Medical Mistakes

3) Understand the Finances- Yours

Understanding Your Health Insurance

Understanding What is Covered and What is Not

Health Care as Part of a Financial Plan

4) Understand the Finances- Theirs

Unnecessary Tests

Costs/Billing/ Collections/ Fraud

5) Understand Your Alternatives

Second Opinions

Medical Tourism

Alternative Health Care

6) Explore Online Tools to Help Yourself

Health Care Calculators

Personal Health Records

7) Understand Your Rights

Your Rights As a Patient

Your Rights As a Consumer

8) Plan For the Future


Key Documents, e.g. Wills, Advance Directives

9) Know Where to Get Help and Information

Advocacy Organizations

Health Care Associations

Social Networking Organizations