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In this country, we have, by some standards, an excellent health care system. What is clearer is that we have, by any standard, an expensive system. A significant part of navigating our system and making the choices we must make is the financial impact of those decisions. And, our system has been structured such that those that provide health care services have a strong incentive to profit.

Even with the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) in place, individuals must bear a significant portion of the costs of care in today’s system. And regardless of costs, people should always be well informed when it comes to their health and their health care. What this website stands for is helping all people become relatively more independent. Whatever your personal situation, you can approach almost any activity, from desk-based research to exercise to eating, as something you control yourself versus something you need someone else to do for you.

Please do not misunderstand- we are not suggesting anyone disengage from the system. We just want you to be in control as much as possible.

It is with this thought in mind that we have structured and prepared these links. They are more than just a simple presentation of the “A- List” of the American health care system. Rather, we have structured them into a framework- if you do these things, you will position yourself to become much more independent.

At the end of each section, we include links to one or more blogs that focus on, or have posted on the subject in question. This is to assist you in reaching out and connecting with others with similar interests.


Some of the links are from commercial organizations, but they are not promoting their own goods, such as Consumer Reports, or a health insurer in the case of physician locator links.

Health Tactics does not endorse any specific organization represented in these links, nor do we have any commercial relationship with or interest in these organizations.

We wish you success on your journey towards good health and independence!

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